Sunday, April 20, 2008

That's enough, China

With all the buzz that has been going around regarding the Olympic games going to Beijing despite a long list of gripes the West has with its human rights abuses in and by China, I wasn't surprised when I came across this article on my history professor's blog:

Chinese troops are on the streets of Zimbabwean city, witnesses say

For those who aren't in the know (and that's probably not a lot of you since this has been making big news recently), Zimbabwe has been plagued by controversy over its recent election. Current president Robert Mugabe lost by many accounts, but refuses to step down. He is also inciting violence between the black majority and the white minority, and apparently, has now called in the Chinese for a little 'help'.

I feel like I no longer understand our giddy anxiousness to go find terrorists, when we could be doing something to stop abuses of human rights in Africa and other parts of the world. Simply sending the Olympic Games to China isn't going to do the job, but education and an increased standard of living might.

So, what's the hold up?

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