Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Shit-Headery of Kent Hovind's Minions

Interesting developments concerning some of my favorite YouTubers.

A number or prominent secular vloggers have had false DMCA claims filed against them because of their use of Christian Science Evangelism's video material. For those who aren't in the know, CSE is the creationist business formerly run by Kent Hovind, who is currently serving jail time for evading over $800,000 in taxes, and who thinks man and dinosaur lived harmoniously on the Ark (because in those days, T-Rex wasn't really extinct...and he was vegetarian).

People upload material which is under copyright to youtube all the time, and it isn't a problem until the organization/individual who owns the material in question notices, in which case youtube simply removes the material. But what if that organization/individual's material isn't under copyright? What if said organization/individual actively encourages the spread of their un-copyrighted material? Anybody should be able to use that material for whatever purposes they choose, right?

Well, not according to CSE and the Hovind Family - in case you didn't know, Kent Hovind actively encourages the spread of his un-copyrighted material (which pretty much amounts to all of his creationist propaganda works; books, videos, pamphlets, etc). They have been selectively filing DMCA claims whenever they find their material being used by a critic of creationism (be they atheists or Christians). Many of my fellow secular youtubers have had videos pulled, and one prominent member even had his account closed:

I, along with these guys, encourage reasonable people not to take this deplorable tactic lying down. I also encourage everyone who cares, even just a little bit, to follow this situation closely. This sort of thing is not uncommon, which disappoints me; people who claim to have a higher standard of morality than the rest of us infidels are often found dispensing low blows like this. Claiming a copyright violation if an atheist uses their material even though the material isn't copyrighted, but allowing young earth creationists to use all the material they want, is just one of the many examples of this type of things which saddens me...these people claim to be enlightened, after all.

Let's all keep an eye on this situation, shall we?

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